About Us

“This paperwork is too much. I wish I had a way to reduce it,” said one lawyer. “Maybe the case blew up because I was not well prepared,” said another. So we designed a software that does more than eliminate paperwork, it helps you manage all your matters. It’s called SheriaSoft.

What It Does

As a legal professional, you know that it has never been easy to manage your personal work, leave alone an entire firm. Designed, carefully developed and tested at Focweb Technologies is SheriaSoft. This is a software that helps you manage all your work and contain it in a single location. The best news is, all your hardcopy is stored as softcopy. Thus, you are able to carry your office around – literally.

Who we are

Focweb Technologies Ltd is a Kenyan based web development company specializing in the development of dynamic web and software solutions. Founded in 2012 the company is becoming one of the leading Web Solutions firms in East Africa. We aspire to build momentum in the web industry, by making East Africa one of the top global hubs for technology and business services. Focweb works with entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit to serve public and private bodies, industry players, universities and individuals to help grow dreams into realities.

The slogan “Expanding possibilities” is the framework that drives us every step of the way. We work hard and smart to turn ideas into beautiful and practical concepts. We love it when you smile in satisfaction. Our team is passionate and focused in constant pursuit of WEB solutions that will enable you expand possibilities. We are fearless when it comes to trying out new concepts that will break the norm.

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